Sunday, October 30, 2005

A difficult Sunday...

University Baptist Church is a church that centers mainly around Baylor students. David Crowder is the worship leader there. This morning, while performing a Baptism, their pastor Kyle Lake died. Apparently there was an accident involving his microphone hitting the water. This apparently happened in front of the whole congregation.

It was announced at the end of the service we were attending at Highland Baptist. The church prayed for University and Pastor Lake's family. One thing I like about Waco is there is a general sense of unity among the Baptist churches. The pastors went to school together, hang out together, and are supportive of each other.

I can't imagine going to church, worshipping and enjoying a baptism, only to see it take the life of my pastor. If you're so inclined, lift up a prayer for the congregation at University Baptist.

Here's the article in the local paper

Friday, October 28, 2005

Why TV is worth watching (sometimes).

Anyone see The Apprentice last night? The Donald fired 4 people at one time last night because they lost so bad. Really, I think this was just to provide gender equity (he fired 3 guys and 1 girl) because up until this week the girls' team was getting slaughtered. No one said a word afterwards. "Life goes on," the Donald said stoicly. Classic.

Anyone watch The CBS Evening News earlier this week when Bob Schieffer's closing line was "I'm not your Sudoku daddy!" This guy is in his 60's. I guess someone put it on his teleprompter, but it was funny as crap. He chuckled at it too.

Thoughts for the Weekend

So, rumor has it that Vegas has set the Texas Tech-Baylor line to favor Tech by 11 points. Um, the Red Raiders have set offensive records and scored 80 points in a game this year. Baylor hasn't set any records other than getting their first road wins in forever this year. Yes, Baylor has improved and almost beat a very weak OU squad in 2 OT, but can their defense match up to Tech? If I had any spare change, I'd seriously consider this an investment opportunity, and not a bet. Tech by at least 3 touchdowns.

Maybe Randolph Morris shouldn't play. In today's paper all of the SEC coaches are making smoke like he's not eligible, shouldn't be allowed to play. Suppose the NCAA clears him. This cloud of suspicion will hang over the team all season long. Maybe years later Randolph will admit he lied to the NCAA about hiring an agent, etc.. Then, they'll just strip us of all our wins this season...
The more I think about it, the less I like him playing in this light.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pruett interested in UK?

This from the Lexington Herald-Leader:

"A column in yesterday's Charleston (W.Va.) Daily Mail threw out former Marshall coach Bob Pruett's name as a potential candidate to replace Brooks.
Pruett, 63, retired as coach of the Thundering Herd last spring after leading them to a 94-23 record with five Mid-American Conference championships and five bowl wins during his nine-year tenure.
While Pruett wasn't quoted directly in the column, Daily Mail sports editor Jack Bogaczyk wrote that Pruett would take the job if offered and bring some of his former Marshall assistants with him."

I say, what do we have to lose? My only beef with this is he's 63 years old, but surely his assistants all weren't so old.

This is the same guy who brought Marshall to Division 1 status and brought us Randy Moss and Chad Pennington (okay, maybe Pennington isn't a great example but he's lasted in the NFL longer than Tim Couch).
He passes the ball and tries to dominate on defense. I say let's do it.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't care who we hire. I'd just give up. But, I guess living in Texas naturally makes me demand more from my alma mater's football team.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Thoughts of the Day is running a poll for which team NOT in ESPN's Top 10 is the NCAA title sleeper. Kentucky leads with 52% of the vote (56,180 total votes in the poll so far). The next-highest vote getter is West Virginia at 17%.

Scoop Jackson has written an article on the "cultural impact of the Fab 5" (Michigan's Fab 5, not Kentucky's from the 50's). The article glorifies Michigan and the "Fab 5." I don't like the article, and would like to point out that if you look up the seasons from '91-94 when the "Fab 5" played in any official NCAA or University of Michigan media guides, you will not find any statistics or wins. Not only did these guys not win a championship, but they were paid to play and got all of their wins and the school's $ earnings from their wins forfeited and erased from all records.

Scoop, what's the cultural impact of that?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Why Men Make More $ Than Women

I’m going to take some motivation from my friend Captain Capitalism and tell the truth about women for a post. There are a couple of exceptions to this post: 1. My wife, who is a very hard worker and earns her pay. 2. Dr. Sykes, who makes more money than any woman I know.

When I was in college, I took Family Studies 252, a big university studies credit in a large lecture hall. The professor teaching us about “Marriage and Family” was in her 3rd marriage, and her husband divorced her shortly after the semester. I learned a lot of valuable things in the class, but was also forced to listen to some very feminist diatribe (All of the TA’s who graded our essays were also female).

Among them was the “women are worse off than men because we make less money. Equal rights do not exist for women” farce.

I’m here today to explain these reasons, from my own TRUE work experiences at my current office. But, first, the numbers:

A 2002 GAO study showed that, on average, women make about 20% less than men do. A couple of good statistical reasons were given (I made some Excel charts with this, but couldn’t figure out how to convert them to a JPEG to post here).

Average # of Hours Worked Per Year
Men: 2,147
Women: 1,675
Conclusion: Women work fewer hours. Men might make more $ because they’ll earn their salaries by working more hours.

Average # of Weeks Spent Outside the Labor Force (i.e.: not working)
Men: 1
Women: 3
Conclusion: Women have babies, and need maternity leave. Managers don’t want to pay women as much because they know they’ll have to hire and train someone else to replace them because they’re much more likely to leave because of their kids. Men work more hours and take less time off. Companies reward such loyalty with better salaries to keep their workers happy.

But, holding these variables constant, there hasn’t been a “good” explanation of why women make less than men, according to USA Today.

True stories from my work experience:

I was a member of a team of 4 people who showed up for our first day at the office; 2 men & 2 women. Within 30 minutes of being there, one of the women starts having contractions and goes into labor. Her day lasted 30 minutes. Why bother showing up, and why should the company pay her?
By lunchtime, the second woman had gotten a call from her son at school saying he was sick. She had to go take him home. She never came back, and they couldn’t track her down.
The only people to survive Day 1 were the 2 guys.
A week later, we get a woman replacement. She sits down, and after 10 minutes on the job gets a call on her cell phone and says she has to leave. She never came back.
Since then, a woman was added as a replacement. Last Monday, she informed us that she would be “sick” the following Friday, and would need a day off. “I know my body that well,” she said.

Biggest reason that men make less money than women: On average, men are more productive than women.

Examples of Women Being Unproductive:

1. The "urgent conference."
At work, any new information (i.e.: gossip) requires an immediate conference in the break room. These meetings are handled quietly and secretly, and often take up to an hour. That’s an hour that the women’s pile of work sits on their desks untouched.

2. The "morning discussion."
Anything said or done by a spouse or boyfriend the previous night immediately requires a “morning discussion.” Anything interesting on television the night before requires the same. This usually occurs right when work starts, and may last 30-45 minutes.

3. The extended lunch.
The “hour lunch” is optional. While men in the office may come back from lunch early, or even do some minor work while eating at their desk, women require a mandatory trip to a deli or restaurant, where they then change their minds about what restaurant they want to eat at, and after they eat lunch, a trip to Starbucks is required. Lunch is 15-30 minutes longer for women than men.

4. The "I'm sick" excuse.
Any illness requires “rest.” This either means the woman will be an hour late coming in for work, or that once at work she needs to sit at her desk and play Solitaire. Or, maybe she needs to have a private one-on-one meeting with another female for an hour or so until she “feels okay.” If you know anything about the anatomy of a woman, you know that there's going to be about a week every month where she's not feeling so well...

So, in an 8 hour work day, a woman may come in late, then partake in a “morning discussion,” and later an “urgent conference” in the break room which takes them up to the lunch hour, which will last a lot longer than an hour, and probably require another break room “conference” in the afternoon. The woman will likely leave early to pick up her kids or because she’s “ill,” and thus work about 3 hours in an 8 hour day.

But, you won’t see this on their time slip. No, they’ll demand pay for 8 hours, and equal pay with a man who actually showed up on time and didn’t partake in any break room conferences.

So, next time you hear a woman complain about her pay, ask her how many hours she really worked in the last month. Don't believe everything she says...

This is the Truth, brought to you buy yours truly.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The dumbest fan ever?

I like Larry Bird, but this is ridiculous...

Man requests longer prison sentence to match Bird's jersey number
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- A man got a prison term longer than prosecutors and defense attorneys had agreed to -- all because of Larry Bird.
The lawyers reached a plea agreement Tuesday for a 30-year term for a man accused of shooting with an intent to kill and robbery. But Eric James Torpy wanted his prison term to match Bird's jersey number 33.
``He said if he was going to go down, he was going to go down in Larry Bird's jersey,'' Oklahoma County District Judge Ray Elliott said Wednesday. ``We accommodated his request and he was just as happy as he could be.
``I've never seen anything like this in 26 years in the courthouse. But, I know the DA is happy about it.''

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dress Codes

I apologize for the lame post content today. I'll do better soon, I'm working on a really good one.

So, the NBA has a new dress code that everyone is talking about (just go to The big issue? During all official league events (press conferences, league-sponsored autograph signings, getting off the team bus, etc.) players must wear "business casual" attire. No shorts, or jerseys, or t-shirts, or even jewelry over your clothes.
If you're sitting on the bench you have to wear a sportcoat, too.

No sunglasses indoors, no headphones unless you're on the bus or warming up in the locker room.

They might as well just call this rule the "Iverson" rule, because he seems to always be in violation of every part of it.

While, I think some of it is understandable, other parts are ridiculous. Plenty of injured guys sit on the bench in a nice button down shirt and khaki pants, it's cool. But, now they have to wear a sportcoat (which means you need a tie, too).

I like what Iverson wears. I like seeing him in shorts and basketball jerseys all the time, sporting his chains. It's casual, it's cool, it's how he rolls.

I'm alright with the rule, if that's how you want to do it, but why don't you make guys like Mark Cuban obey it? Cuban gets more publicity and camera shots during the game than guys on his bench do. But, he can come wearing cut-off jeans and a t-shirt that says "Superfreak" or "Your boyfriend likes me," and such. He can even walk out on the court with it after the game.

Would you work for this man?

Why not make the freakshows like Cuban dress up nice too? I think it's silly that players have to look their best while the owner that pays their salary can look however freakish he wants.

Check out Cuban's blog to find out how he feels about the dress code. Cuban understands the dress code to a point. "NBA players are not thugs" (my paraphrase).

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Favorite NFL Player

I've always liked this guy, even before I moved to Waco. Now, I drive past his alma mater, University High School every day on the way to work. There is a big Nike billboard on the way that says "This is University. Just Do It." and shows his picture from his high school days.

I first heard of him his junior year at TCU, when he led the nation in rushing. He did it again his senior year with 2,158 yards. He ranks 6th all-time in NCAA rushing. He got tons of awards, but many wondered if he'd make it in the pro's (I hate it when people do that). He should have won the Heisman.

"LT" has rushed for at least 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns in each of his first four NFL seasons. Hall of Famers Earl Campbell and Eric Dickerson are the only other players in league history that can make the same claim. His career high was 1683 yards in 2002.

He's a good guy, reaches out to the community here in Waco and in San Diego. He gives tickets to each Charger game to 21 underpriveldged inner-city kids every week. He buys them dinner and gives them school supplies after the game. He puts on camps, and has scholarship funds.

This season he has rushed for 652 yards in 6 games, and has already scored 10 touchdowns. He is also 2/2 in pass attempts for 2 TD's (thus making him cool). In 133 attempts this year he has only fumbled once.

I like watching him and Drew Brees. I like Brees because he came into the NFL highly touted and struggled, in part because he was lazy. The Chargers went out and drafted (via trade) Phillip Rivers to be their new QB. Brees got mad, started working out and watching film like crazy, and had an awesome 2004 season.

People ask me "who's your team?" I used to pull for the Bears growing up, but they've been awful for a long time. Cincinatti was even worse from 1990-2004. Sure, we all like the Patriots, but I can't really say I'm a fan. So, I root for the guy whose huge Nike billboard reminds me that Nike and running backs are cool.

LaDainian Tomlinson, this post is for you.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Thoughts on the weekend

You remember that locker room scene at the end of Friday Night Lights, where the coach tells his players: "I want you to look your teammates in the eyes. If you can look them in the eyes at the end of this ballgame and know for sure that you did everything you possibly could to win this football game, that you gave your absolute best, then no matter what the score says, you're perfect."

I thought about after the Notre Dame game. They fought hard, did all they could. They stopped Matt Leinart on the goalline to end the game. But, the ball flew out of bounds on the impact and thus stopped the clock, giving USC one final chance to make a goalline plunge. Probably the best college football game I've ever seen.

Notre Dame didn't win, but they certainly didn't lose, either. They played their rag-tag guts out against all of the All-Americans of USC, and came within a second of a win. Charlie Weis did a great job. Amazing. Reggie Bush is also amazing, I've never seen any college back with speed and moves like his except maybe Barry Sanders. 28 straight wins, what in the world?

Baylor fought hard and lost, too. Nebraska has played a west coast offense all season, but chucked in the 2nd half of the Baylor game. "Smashmouth" read the headlines the next day. They ran all over the Bears in the 2nd half. Take away the 5 turnovers, and the 11 penalties, and Baylor may just have made some magic.

Texas will run over an overrated Texas Tech team. Tech threw for almost 700 yards in their win, that's insane! They look like a Hal Mumme team with maybe more consistent defense.

I think if Texas played Tennessee, Georgia, or maybe even Florida they'd lose. I have to watch Texas games every weekend on ABC because I live in Texas. Vince Young is incredible, and they have a couple other good players on their team, but they WILL NOT win a championship.
They hardly play anyone else the rest of the season. They'll probably play Colorado in the Big XII championship game, and that's also just silly. Big XII is weak. Pac-10 is weak. SEC is so much better than any other.

RIP Jason Collier of the Atlanta Hawks. I think last time KY played Ga. Tech in Atlanta, Collier was their starting center. I liked him because he defected from Bob Knight at IU.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Tapp University

Principle of Domination #3: Come Early and Stay Late (The John Starks Story) is now posted at Tapp University.

I encourage everyone to check it out and further your inspiration for Domination.

I'm also on a quest to have someone mail me an official UK basketball pocket schedule (the ones you can pick up free at McDonalds, the same ones they give out at Big Blue Madness). I've had a schedule in my wallet for every year since 1995. Even when I was overseas, Dr. Ashlie kindly sent me some to keep my wallet up-to-date. Who in Lexington wants to help a brother out?

There will be some sort of reward, I assure you.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Weekend Anticipation

My wife and I could go with some other couples to visit the Waco Zoo tommorrow, but I've pretty much told her "no way" and that I've roped off Saturday for exciting football action. At 3:30, time will stand still when USC goes to South Bend to face the revitalized Irish. We already know how good a guy and coach Charlie Weis is, having taken this team w/out even a full roster or even a lot of blue chippers to a top-10 ranking having knocked of several ranked teams along the way. Next comes the Juggernaut Dominator of USC. I'm totally pulling for the Irish in this one. It'll take a miracle for them to win, but with Touchdown Jesus looking down on your field you can't go wrong. GO IRISH!!

The other game takes place in the evening, and I haven't scored tickets for it yet. Baylor's biggest game in a decade. Nebraska comes to town. If Baylor wins, they'll be 5-1 and will get ranked. If Baylor doesn't win another game this season it'll still be their best record since 1998. That's amazing. Sic 'em Bears!!!

The other excitement comes tonight knowing Rupp Arena will be packed for "Midnight Madness." I miss camping out for Madness back in the really old days when they didn't have advance tickets. I miss camping out for tickets when they gave them in advance. I miss that anticipation, standing in line waiting for the doors to open. The line slowly moving towards ecstacy. I miss when it started at midnight. I miss when it'd be on a Saturday night, and people in line were eagerly listening to UK play down-to-the-wire in their football game (a couple times we actually won those games). I miss that invincible feeling when you walked away from it going "Oh, yeah, baby, this is our year!"

Fall is here. Let's get it started.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Congrats to Scott and Alisa Dishong, almost proud parents of a 5-month old Kenyan child! Here's a picture of "Martin."
It's hard for me to imagine Scott as a dad, changing diapers, spoon-feeding a toddler, etc. I think this is a really cute kid, and already shows a real spark of intelligence and personality in these pictures. A very beautiful baby.

Congrats to you guys. Joni and I have talked some about adopting kids (after we have kids of our own, and NOT in the very near future). I have a tough time putting myself in Scott & Alisa's position, though. Props to you guys for answering the call and making a huge difference in someone's life!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Thoughts of the Day

Did you watch The Office on NBC last night? Another classic episode. The office caught fire.
Favorite line from the boss in the episode about why he sprinted past all of his employees to evacuate the building:
"Yes, in the past people would have said 'Women and children go first.' But, we don't have any children working here. We are not a sweatshop. And, because of legislation passed in recent years women are now equal with men in the office. So, if I were to let the women go first, then I'd have a lawsuit on my hands."

So, I've been pretty pleased with U.S. media outlets' coverage of the earthquake disaster relief.

Did anyone hear Condoleeza Rice (my secret crush) in Kyrgystan yesterday? She was speaking Russian, or at least trying to. She sounded real nervous. She's so great.

Here's a link to a good BBC News article on the disaster relief. BBC News is 100 times better than CNN and Fox News TOGETHER.

Here's the amounts that donors have put in so far:
Kuwait: $100 million
UAE: $100 million
US: $50 million
Canada: $20 million
Japan: $20 million
World Bank: $20 million
ADB: $10 million
Australia: $7.6 million
China: $6.2 million
EU: $4.4 million
UK: $3.5 million
South Korea: $3 million

Since we probably borrowed our $50 million from a country like China, can they count that toward their donation?

I'm working on the next lesson at Tapp University's Principles of Domination. It will be out this weekend. It has been refined by working with some un-dominant co-workers at my new job.

Here's a fun article by John Clay about why we should be optimistic about things like UK basketball and ND football. Yes, indeed.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A good apology

Mark Story doesn't believe UK football is cursed (as I do), so instead he just wrote apologies for 50 years worth of mistakes. A fun article. (worth pointing out that Guy Morriss' success at Baylor is mentioned).

Monday, October 10, 2005

Katrina in light of Kashmir

I'm going to go out on a possibly offensive limb here and write about a pet peeve of mine: Americans complaining, asking "Where is God in all this suffering?", and pointing blame at authorities. I don't like sitting through a church service where a pastor tries to answer peoples' questions of "Why did God allow this to happen?" when it comes to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Oh, woe are we.

While we complain about 1,300 or so dead and a few million homeless in the South (and these are worth mourning over and giving aid to, I'm not arguing against this), let's put this into perspective:

On Saturday 40,000 people died in an instant, and many millions were left homeless in Kashmir. There are no hospitals, no Red Cross, no FEMA, very little infrastructure. The people who are wounded right now have almost no hope of survival. People without homes will have almost nothing to rebuild with. There is no homeowners insurance in these countries. Many of these people will starve.

While the South is getting nearly $100 billion in federal aid, plus countless more in private donations, Kashmir will get almost nothing. $50 million from the U.S., $100 million from Kuwait, $20 million from the World Bank, $10 million from the Asian Development Bank.

99.9% of the people in the Kashmir area do not know Christ. Think about that stat. Think about 40,000 or so folks dying in an instant.

Did I hear about this in church on Sunday, or in Bible study? Is this getting major news coverage from American outlets? No. Why not?

We spend more in 2 weeks in Iraq than we give in aid to all of Africa in a year, and more than we've just given to Kashmir relief. We've pledged to do much more around the world. We've pledged (along with the rest of the western world) to give 0.7% of our GDP to the Millenium Development Goals of poverty-eliminating programs, but we give about 0.25%.
Imagine being the richest person in town, having all you could ever want or need and imagine you get a paycheck of $100. All you need to give from that paycheck is 7/10 of a penny to make a real difference, but you won't even give that, you give 3/10 instead. That's sad.

I like to ask this question so, think about it and see how you really feel about it deep down:
Is the life of a Pakistani or an Indian worth the same as the life of an American?

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Biggest winners on Saturday:

Guy Morriss and the Baylor Bears
. They got their first road win EVER in the Big 12, over once-ranked Iowa State, and are now 4-1. Had they not lost in overtime AT Texas A&M last week, they'd probably be ranked heading into their home matchup against Nebraska this week.
Things are definitely feeling pretty good down here.

The Georgia Bulldogs. You DOMINATED Tennessee and are now in a position to compete for the BCS Championship.

Biggest Losers on Saturday:

Rich Brooks. 3 straight fumbles on offensive plays, and Steve Spurrier ended up spanking you after all. Your career at UK is done. You might beat Ole Miss and Vandy, but who cares? Your team is awful.

Phil Fulmer. You got beat handily by Florida and were dominated by Georgia. Um, you need to win at least one of those games to get to the SEC Championship. 1 more loss, and the vultures will circle in and demand your head. Gotta love that pressure.

Any other votes for biggest winner or loser this weekend?

Friday, October 07, 2005

Dr. Pepper's Impact on World Trade

Today, Baylor’s School of International Business hosted the Free Trade in the Americas Conference. Attending were some big-time economists, a Federal Reserve Bank head, and other ambassadors and dignitaries. I got to meet and mingle with some of these folks, and attended their lectures all day. I learned a whole lot, and had a great time. Dr. Supachai Panitchpakdi, the outgoing President of the World Trade Organization (WTO), and new Secretary General of the UN Council on Trade and Development was a keynote speaker. He’s from Thailand, and a great down-to-earth guy.

During one of the breaks I was getting some snacks from the buffet line when I saw Dr. Supachai grab a Dr. Pepper. Now, I’ve been lots of places in the world and I know that Dr. Pepper is really hard to find outside the U.S. (Dr. Pepper was invented in Waco, TX by the way).
I got the chance to ask him about his taste in soft drinks (while sharing an elevator):

Me: “Dr. Supachai, I noticed you were drinking a Dr. Pepper earlier. I know they can’t have those in Thailand, and in my travels I’ve noticed that they’re really hard to find outside the U.S.”

Dr. Supachai: “I know! I was just telling some people about this. I can only find them in London! We don’t have any in Geneva, and I have to either come here or London to get Dr. Pepper!”

Dr. Pepper. One thing America does right, and the WTO and UN appreciate it. Now if we can just export it a little better....

I’m a Pepper, you’re a Pepper, Dr. Supachai Panitchpakdi’s a Pepper too!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Why John Wiley is wrong.

Yesterday, John Wiley (I can’t make a link to his blog because he doesn’t have one) made the comment that Brett Favre shouldn’t be mentioned in the same class as John Elway or Johnny Unitas. A bold statement.
Being the aspiring economist that I am, I decided to look at the data to see if John was right or wrong. John was very wrong.
(note: I’m leaving Unitas out of this because he played in a different era and his #’s don’t match up well to either Favre or Elway’s).

John Elway played 16 seasons. Favre technically is in his 15th (his first season he threw 4 passes in 2 games, hardly defined as “playing.”) so we can almost say Favre is in his 14th season. The numbers don’t lie:

Elway played in 234 games.
Favre has played in 213 games, but hasn’t missed a game in 12 years. Top that stat, he’s the Iron Man. Elway only played a full season 7 times, less than half his career.

Elway: 4,123
Favre: 4,407
Advantage: Favre

Completion %:
Elway: 57%
Favre: 61.5%
Advantage: Favre

QB Rating:
Elway: 79.9
Favre: 87.2
Advantage: Favre

TD Passes:
Elway: 300
Favre: 385
Advantage: Favre

Passing yards:
Elway: 51,475
Favre: 50,775
Advantage: Favre (because Favre will pass him this year in many less games than it took Elway to get to 51,475).

MVP Awards:
Elway: 1 (1987)
Favre: 3 (1995,1996,1997)
Advantage: Favre

Conclusion I reached based on the data: Favre has broken a lot of Elway’s NFL records and holds a clear statistical advantage.

John might point out that Elway went to more Super Bowls (5 to Favre’s 2).
Elway won 2 and an MVP, while Favre won 1 (and his receiver got MVP).

I would simply point out that both won Super Bowls, and both had decent running backs to help them do so (Elway had an NFL MVP in Terrell Davis to win his).
They played head-to-head in Super Bowl XXXII.
Elway: 12/22 123 yards and 0 TD’s and 1 INT.
Favre: 25/42 256 yards 3 TD and 1 INT.

Favre also clearly has the edge here, but Terrell Davis wins the game for the Broncos (by a TD).

Let me also point out the score of a couple Super Bowls Elway played in, and you can tell me if it really matters that he played in them:
Redskins 42, Broncos 10.
49’ers 55, Broncos 10.

So, John Wiley, you’re clearly wrong about Brett Favre. Or maybe you had it just opposite: maybe it’s Elway who shouldn’t be mentioned in the same class as Brett Favre?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Office

Watched The Office last night on NBC. You know you did too, or at least you wanted to. I laughed a lot. It's just funny and silly and random enough to really amuse me. And it's clean. Steve Carell is one of the funniest guys on the planet. Brick Tamblin from Anchorman is one of the funniest characters ever to appear in a movie.

Love it.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Two Champions on a Sunday Afternoon

There are a couple of guys playing in the NFL that some people love to hate, but most people really like and appreciate. I have found that they have both won my respect, and now I can’t pull against them.

Brett Favre is an icon. He’s been in the league for 15 years and still throws the fastest pass in the game. He is all fire and guts on the field, and won’t accept anything less than the best. He came back because he thought his team had a chance to make the playoffs. Then they went 0-3.

I couldn’t pull against him last night. I turned the game off in the 2nd quarter when it became 26-7. “Poor Brett,” I said. His offensive line was shot, and he had no running backs to help him. His receivers were dropping the ball, and he was hating it.
Here’s a true dominator without the unstoppable army he used to command. That’s sad.
On a hunch, I checked the scores this morning and saw that the man single handedly led his team back and almost won the game (the final 32-29).
Even with a sucky offense, he managed to go 28-47 with 303 yards, 4 TD’s to 1 interception (which was his receiver’s fault for letting the ball slip out of his grasp and be pried away by a cornerback) for a nice rating of 98.1 on the night.

So, the Packers are 0-4, and yes they’ll fire Mike Sherman. But, Favre can still amaze us on a Monday night and show he’s as good as guys named Elway and Unitas.

The second guy I can’t root against used to be no problem to root against. “Overrated,” I’d say, quoting Rush Limbaugh. But, that’s the thing: Even though Rush Limbaugh said the media loved him because they wanted to see a black man do well, Donovan McNabb never said much about it. He just played on, and played better.

Same thing in the preseason. Terrell Owens wanted to sit out. Wanted to talk bad about McNabb being “tired” in the Super Bowl. McNabb said nothing. He just played on. During the NFL’s Hurricane Katrina relief effort, there he was manning the hotline phones. I wanted to call in just to talk to him. Classy.

He’s always been special. In college he led Syracuse into Ann Arbor, Michigan to take on the Wolverines at home in their heyday when they never lost at home. And he won.

Last year, he had an MVP season only to lose to Peyton Manning who had a Hall of Fame season. 104.7 rating, over 3,875 yards, 31 TD’s and only 8 interceptions, and an NFC Championship.

This year he gets hit hard in Game 1. “Bruised sternum” becomes “sports hernia.” He plays through the pain. He looks gimpy on TV, can’t run. His throws seem a little off, and he’s obviously in pain and getting creamed by linebackers. But, he just gets better.
Down 17-0 at Kansas City, it looked like the guy was finally going to lose. He just got mad, and kept throwing. 33-48 369 yards and 3 TD’s, and a WIN. Andy Reid called something ridiculous like 50 passing plays and only 13 rushing plays, putting his #1 man in great jeopardy. He’s got a 100.6 rating for the season with 11 TD’s to just 3 picks.

He reminds me of Michael Jordan in the ’97 Finals against the Utah Jazz, when he got food poisoning, or the flu, or whatever, and still put up 30+ and a W and had to be helped off the court . I was pulling for Stockton/Malone up until that moment. I couldn’t root against that magic either.

Donovan McNabb has won my respect. May he dominate and have a ring like Brett Favre one day.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


This Week's Biggest LOSERS:

The Republican Party. Okay, so now part of your top leadership has not just been linked to foul-play, but has also gotten indicted (Tom "The Hammer" Delay). Looks like there have been some bad doings in Texas. Then, Judith Miller comes out of jail and tells a grand jury who in the White House leaked her the name of Valerie Plame. Grady Stumbo seems to be wanting to create the same sort of "Sack them all!" bandwagon in Kentucky, and thus hands out more indictments to people who may have written a letter of recommendation for someone, like that's a big crime.

All-in-all, not a good week for the GOP. Now, you know the backlash from voters might be so great that Democrats will take control of all bodies of government in the next election, and then quickly usher us into a one-world government... or something.

The University of Florida
Um, how bad does it make Kentucky look that Florida only got 3 points in this game after getting 49 in 1 half against UK? Urban Meyer, Chris Leak, and the Gators all looked bad. Forget last week's optimism about awards possibly being handed to these guys.

University of Minnesota
Golden Gophers were picked to win big by everyone I saw on TV. They've padded their schedule some to look good, and barely squeaked out an OT win last week against a legit opponent. Now, we see they're a paper Gopher. You know better than to take on Joe Pa!

Michigan State University
I'm still very high on these guys. They were just a field goal away from beating Michigan and stepping closer to the BCS Championship picture. Now, their chances of winning the Big Ten are still good, but they'll not be a Title Contender, and therefore lost the most this weekend.

Big Winners:

Alabama Crimson Tide. You're back and beautiful, baby!

Notre Dame. Go Irish! You've just beaten yet another ranked opponent! Now just topple USC and the world will be made right.

Penn State Nittany Lions. What is a "Nittany" lion anyway? Joe Paterno may be ancient, but his team looked good against a paper Gopher. His team might just be winning one last season for the Gipper. Welcome back to the rankings.

More losers than winners this week. That's just how it goes.