Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I've moved a couple blogs on the right around and created a "Theological Blog" category of those who are in seminary and/or pastoring and mainly post on religion and faith issues.

Steve McCoy pastors a church not terribly far from Chicago. He's a self-proclaimed "Missional Baptist" who has taught me what that means through his blog. He and his wife discipled my wife in college when they were active working with international students at UK. His wife is currently facing surgery for a Chiari I Malformation and they covet your prayers.

Lucas Land is a Truett student who facilitates the Graduate Student Forum on Poverty and Development at Baylor, which is where I met him. He reads my blog and links to it on his blog, which is why he's really cool.

Keith Walters is leaving Master's Seminary (where Chase is) and ministry at USC for Southern and ministry at IgniteUK. He likes my other blog, but probably wouldn't listen to any advice I would give him.

Sok has been linked a long time so he needs no introduction. One of the most voracious readers that I know. He's also getting married in about a month.

By my count we have 3 different seminaries represented: Southern, Master's, and Truett. Sample the blogs and pick which seminary you like the best (j/k :-) ).


Keith Walters said...

"He likes my other blog, but probably wouldn't listen to any advice I would give him."

Am I really that stuborn? I definitely laughed when I read that.

Keith Walters said...

IF you have advice please e-mail. If my year in California confirmed anything I learned that I am an idiot and have much to learn, if you think I am joking just ask my wife :)