Friday, June 08, 2007

On the NBA Finals, Game 1

I haven't written about sports in forever. While the pre-draft, draft, and summer league is my 2nd favorite basketball season, the NBA Finals usually draw my interest providing I'm around to watch them.

I took time off yesterday to watch most of Game 1. It was like I thought it might be, inexperienced Cleveland being dominated by veterans at every position. Lebron looking like he's 22 years old. I'm tired of the "Crown him now, we are all witnesses!" hype. In a word: Booooriiiing. If you can't crack 50 points until the 4th quarter, then you're pretty boring.
And how many more re-runs of the Gregg Popovich-Tim Duncan story do we have to watch?
Poltergeist III was on Fox, and I found it much more entertaining.

The Cavs remind me of the '88 Bulls; you've got the makings of a great talent but haven't quite yet put together the formula and experience to win the finals yet. The East is just weak. And that's okay.

Before the series, I predicted the Spurs in 5, and I'll stick with that. They'll slack off enough that Cleveland will win one, likely in Cleveland. The Spurs clearly dominate when they want to.

In other news, last night was Sonic's free 10 oz. Root Beer Float night. I got me some of that action. Between when we left the house to get the float to when we returned, Cleveland had scored a whopping 4 points while San Antonio had scored 15.

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