Monday, July 02, 2007

Finally done

Well, I just took my last final on my last Monday in Waco. This class was definitely among the toughest and most time-consuming classes I've ever taken, and I hope to have squeaked out of the class okay. I will now pack up my stuff and move out.
I can't complain much about my time at Baylor. It was a small program that gave me a lot of perks, like my own office and the opportunity to teach. I met some really cool professors and guests, as well as learned a thing or two that changed my life. Here's to the class of '07. May you all find meaningful careers.

Every day is now a "last" day for us. Our time and attention is focused on praying for visas, selling, packing, and tying up loose ends. I've got some pre-written posts about development and the work we'll be doing in Moldova before I switch off the lights here and move to another blog.

Yesterday was our last day with our church and our "Barelywed" Lifegroup. Our best friends have been made through this group, with many coming and going with their studies at Baylor. We've been blessed by knowing all of you and know that God will do great things through your lives. We hope to keep in touch and see you again, if not now then at the "finish line."

To borrow words from someone else:
We had a lot of fun. For those of you that went down the glory road with us, our eternal thanks.

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justin said...

God's blessings on Joni's and your's pursuits!