Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Brief Interlude

Technically, this blog is still closed. Go to Tapps to Moldova! for updates about our work.

I just wanted to post a couple of things that I was really happy about that don't fit that blog.

#1. UK being 4-0 and ranked #13 by Sagarin.

I woke up at 2am a couple Sundays ago to listen to the UK-Louisville game in its entirety. A friend at the game sent me this picture from her Blackberry because she knew I'd like it. It's now my desktop wallpaper. That Sunday (Saturday, EST) was the only time I've ever wished I could be somewhere other than Moldova. It's the first season since 1977 that UK has the talent and discipline to overcome adversity, and the breaks are starting to go their way.

#2: Go Hendrick Motorsports!

My wife roots for Jeff Gordon (because he's the anti-redneck. He has his own wine vintage, for pete's sake).I root for defending Nextel Cup champion Jimmie Johnson, shown below winning a couple races ago (because he's awesome).

Together with Casey Mears and other Race for the Nextel Cup competitor Kyle Busch,
Hendrick Motorsports puts the hurt on people and dominates Car of Tomorrow races. I like teams that dominate. I think I want Hendrick memorabilia (like a polo shirt) for Christmas.

I almost want to live in America next year just to watch as Dale Earnhardt, Jr. replaces Kyle Busch and Hendrick goes head-to-head with an awesome Joe Gibbs Racing team who will be switching to Toyota.
NASCAR and college football are among the only really competitive sports worth watching anymore. I can't watch them here, but I can at least blog my pride.

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Joni said...

Go Jeff Gordon! Leading the Chase at the moment! :) While you're buying Justin a Hendrick Motor Sports polo shirt, you can buy me a cute pink Jeff Gordon shirt... :)