Friday, November 09, 2007


Eye-catching story in the NY Times today about the Smith Center High School football team.
"Last month, they received national notice when they scored 72 points in the first quarter against Plainville."

The refreshing part:

“We aren’t proud of it,” said (Coach) Barta, who was born and raised in Plainville. “They had some turnovers that we took for touchdowns, and it just snowballed.”

Barta pulled his starting offense after his team’s third touchdown. He played his freshmen, but the touchdowns kept coming. So he told his young players to run out of bounds or fall to the ground if they got loose. Still, the final score was 83-0.

They are a high school football team, a superb one that has won 51 games in a row and three consecutive state championships, and has outscored opponents this season, 704-0. They are more than that, however, to the 1,931 people here who all know one another’s names: The Redmen are proof that hard work and accountability still mean something.

The trading cards, for example, are not about hero worship. Each player and cheerleader signs a contract pledging to remain alcohol-, drug- and tobacco-free. If they break that promise, they must go to the elementary school to explain to the children why they were kicked off their team, and their cards are revoked. "

Admittedly, I also like this part:

Barta’s scouting report for the coming opponent also becomes the hot topic of discussion throughout the week. This week for Oakley, it runs 28 pages and kicks off simply with, “This is the real deal, we must prepare well and quick.”

“We get it on Monday night,” said Joe Windscheffel, the Redmen’s senior quarterback. “As soon we get home, our dads start devouring it, and pretty soon, wherever you go in town, that’s all anyone is talking about."

Play hard, be more prepared than the other guy, and have class. Good formula there.


justin said...

I love that you blog here again. Please do keep it up.

By the way read David Brooks' NYT Op-ed piece called "Feel the Love". It is great!

SMITTY said...

Sounds like the next De La Salle to me.

Check out..."When the Game Stands Tall"