Monday, November 05, 2007

I was mad enough to come back

After a long personal blogging hiatus, my frustration with the lack of Truth out there finally got to me.

First, I read this:Musharraf imposes emergency rule, and conveniently Pakistan Rounds Up Musharraf's Political Foes.
Yes, 6 years and $10 BILLION later and the Taliban is stronger than ever in Pakistan, their self-proclaimed President decides to quote Abraham Lincoln while suspending the Constitution, and the U.S. is left in the position of condemning him while still cutting him checks.
I should call this blog "Your Tax Dollars at Work."

The reason for the indifference on Pakistan I am sensing among Americans made even more sense after I saw this and this, courtesy of

From the March edition of Time Magazine. Compare the cover of the international issues to the one sold in the U.S. A picture truly is worth a thousand words. When the barbarians reach the gate of America we'll be too busy debating what shape and color our gate should be rather than realize why it's about to be taken from us altogether.

Then, I read this over at Rynoman's blog. Stunned silence.

Thankfully, Greg Mankiw is here to help clear up some truth-twisting on U.S. health care by political candidates in EVERY party. He gives us "the rest of the story" from other economists whose research have been manipulated and misrepresented by EVERY candidate. Every voter should read this article.

The Truth is out there.


Jessica said...

Glad you're back, Tapp!

In my brief tenure in the mainstream media, I learned that media, like most things, is ruled by the almighty dollar. Newspapers and magazines get more advertising based on their circulation. They get a greater circulation by printing what people want to read. In an idealistic world, the common person would want to read the truth in their media. However, the popularity of check-out counter tabloids proves otherwise.

You can't blame the media for operating successful businesses. If you're looking for someone to blame, look to the American population who cares more about Brittany Spears than Musharraf.

JTapp said...

Agreed, and that's, in part, the point I was trying to make.

JTapp said...

That said, however, if you click the first "this" link you can compare a broadcast of FoxNews to an international French news broadcast.

The FoxNews people can't even figure out who the President of Pakistan is. While the broadcasts are entirely different and not a good comparison, I wonder how many Americans have seen a broadcast like that French one. Long and detailed military action.