Wednesday, November 07, 2007

If I were a NASCAR crew chief, who would I be?

As I've stated before, I'm a Hendrick MotorSports and Jimmie Johnson fan. The team is methodical, smart, and dominant. Hendrick has already broken the record for the highest % of wins in a season by a single team in NASCAR history. Here's an article contrasting Chad Knaus, Johnson's crew chief, with Steve Letarte, Jeff Gordon's chief. Here's a pic of Johnson and Knaus.

Chad Knaus is definitely my kind of guy:

"Chad Knaus gets to work at 6:45 (ie: early) every morning, arriving at the Hendrick Motorsports shop with his shirttail tucked in, his face shaven, his mind completely focused and expecting each of his crewmen to appear the same ultra-intense gearhead who feeds on data and is obsessed by performance...He's a very intense guy, he's very quiet, very reserved, very to the point...He's all about the technology and the details...Knaus is the kind of crew chief who beats himself up over calls that don't work out, who will go back and review tape in an effort to improve his performance, who obsesses over issues until they're taken care of."

So, maybe I'm really rooting for Knaus moreso than I am for Johnson. It's like rooting for the Patriots because you like Bill Belichick, and not because you just like to watch Tom Brady or Randy Moss.

The #48 team has won 3 consecutive races, including Texas last weekend and swept races at 3 different tracks this year. (I've been able to acquire several of the races since we've been in Moldova, and Joni and I have greatly enjoyed watching them together. NASCAR is the way to go, I'm telling you).

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