Monday, November 26, 2007

Who You'll Vote For

I find this little tool from ABC News to be handy. Take the quiz, it tells you who your answers indicate you'll be voting for (assuming you're an informed voter, that is).

My top 2 candidates ended up being Mike Huckabee and John McCain (McCain and I should not be surprising). McCain has been gaining momentum in the past couple months, but Huckabee looks like he could charge ahead now that Chuck Norris is on his side (hat tip: Rynoman):

Who did the Match-O-Matic say you're voting for? If you'd like to know the right answers to the quiz, let me know. :-)


Jessica said...

My top three were Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, and Mike Huckabee. These choices seem to be based on my answers in the "health care" and "hot topics" categories.

Interesting. I'll have to pay more attention to these guys.

Honestly, I didn't even know Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee were running. Fred Thompson looks like that guy from "Law and Order."

Thanks for the fun quiz!

Jessica said...

OK, I just googled Fred Thompson and realized he is the guy from "Law and Order." He was also the voice of Sir Trenton in "Racing Stripes" (one of Patriot's favorite movies).

JTapp said...

Wow, your comments are some proof that Fred Thompson has no shot. He was actually considered the great savior of the Republican party's hopes when he entered. Being a "true conservative," a well-known personality, and experienced Senator. Instead, he has basically tanked.

SNL did a funny skit about him a few weeks back that summed it up.

Matt McKee said...

My quiz told me to run for president. What does that mean? Seriously, my 3 candidates were Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Fred Thompson. I guess I have been living in Cincinnati for to long.

JTapp said...

Well, my fears are relieved. You both came up a little further to the left than I was comfortable with in that simple political quiz I posted last year. Nice to know you're still on the Conservative side, with a little Libertarian mixed in (though Ron Paul is a phony).
Romney's not a bad call-- Arguably the smartest of the bunch.

I thought the quiz would flush out a bunch of Hillary and OBama voters would would be shocked at their results.

Jessica said...

Justin, I don't think my knowledge of the candidates is a good sample for the rest of the country. Since Patriot is now old enough to understand the news, I don't watch it. I get most of my news from your blog and Oprah.

Ryan said...

My Top 3 Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul