Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Worth Reading Today

A well-educated Pakistani decries the current situation, courtesy of Registan.net.

"The powerful spy agency (ISI-- Pakistan's FBI/CIA)knows very well that the US-led war in Afghanistan is unable to root out the Taliban. Therefore, they are simply counting down the days till the end of the Western war in order to return to the old policy of installing the client regime dominated by extremist mullahs in Afghanistan. This is the core reason why the ISI has staked its future with the Islamists, by keeping clandestine links with the Taliban and Pakistani religious parties who act as a go-between for the Taliban and military rulers in Islamabad."

I've harped enough on Pakistan this week, how about another country? Here's one on how proud Russians are of one of their most famous spies in America; someone who most Americans never heard about.
"The spy’s success hinged on an unusual family history of migration from Russia to Iowa and back. That gave him a strong commitment to Communism, a relaxed familiarity with American mores and no foreign accent."

Wal-Mart makes concessions in their health care policies, hires liberal advisers, the liberal world applauds them for it, and everyone seems better off.
"The changes in its policies have accomplished what once seemed impossible. Many of its most ardent critics have put down their pitchforks...Executives sought out policy analysts like Len Nichols, a health economist at the New America Foundation, which supports universal coverage, asking him, among other questions, 'What would the liberals say?'"

Dr. Blake uses his blog to share some truth. Good for you, Dave.

A pastor named Joe Thorn gives Six Rules of Cultural Engagement that are both practical and challenging.

Mark Thoma, the most-read economist blogger in the world, posts on how the falling dollar has done what the DEA could not do: hamper drug smuggling in America.

Justin Timberlake will host a PGA tour event in Las Vegas.
"The four-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, record producer and actor will serve as host of its Las Vegas event in 2008, becoming the 14th celebrity to host an official tournament. 'I couldn't be more excited,' said Timberlake, who plays to a 6-handicap, according to a Golf Digest ranking that was released earlier this year."

"What goes around comes back around. I shoulda told you. Yeah."

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