Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fun Videos

I don't really like the NBA, never watch it. The most important NBA event to me is the Draft. I learned years ago that it's more fun to only read the post-game synopses as they often read like a soap opera. If you want to know what else happened, just read the box score. That said, a blog called True Hoop does a good job of soap opera and stats. In recent weeks they have also posted 2 unique videos which I post here for your consumption.

The first is Darius Miles. He appears midway through this clip. I choked on my water first time I saw this. Your mission: Figure out what Darius Miles is saying. What??

If that didn't change your life, or at least your day, check out video #2. This is Milwaukee rookie Yi Jianli's commercial for some milk product in China. What is this commercial about?!

I like this interpretation from Just Another Bucks Fan. Everytime I start to think that people are the same everywhere, and that all cultures are similar, I see a commercial or a music video from East Asia and I totally change my mind.

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d blake said...

the bigger issue in video #1... is there no limit to the bogus events that appear in the US media? here's what you did short white dude... you put on a basketball uniform, bounced off a couple of trampolines, and dunked a basketball. that's what you did.

i have little hope for the US.