Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On Tom Brady

When I hear the name "Tom Brady," here's the first thing that comes to my mind:

A few years ago I was watching the Kentucky Derby on TV. It's always frequented by celebrities. Kenny Rice briefly interviewed Tom Brady, who was attending his 4th or 5th Derby. Rice opened with something lame like:
"You almost have as many Super Bowls rings as you have Kentucky Derby appearances."

Brady responded with a very serious answer, something like:
"And we hope to get many more of those rings. There's no reason why we can't do it."

You could just tell that getting Super Bowl rings was the most important thing to Brady. He wanted to get more, fully believed he could. It was the most confident answer from an athlete on a day that had nothing to do with football. Everyone at the Derby might be drunk and joking around, but for that moment you could tell: Nothing else really mattered to Brady other than Super Bowl rings. For whatever reason, I still remember that confidence.

(Peyton Manning was also interviewed by Rice at that Derby, but I don't remember a word he said, other than it was just light-hearted).


SMITTY said...

I am done thinking the jury is still out on this man. What more does he have to prove? To be honest, I can't stand that a six-round, Big-Ten quarterback will be the greatest of all time...but how can I argue? My allegiences will always be with my man, Peyton (who I saw recently at the soon to be demolished RCA dome), but Brady is doing something special.

Here's the problem though...I can't put my figure on what it is that makes him so much better than everyone. He is not more cerebral than Peyton, he doesn't have a stronger arm...or better accuracy. Receiving core is about the same. Maybe it is moxy...or Bellicheck. What do you think, Justin?

TaylorW said...

Excellent observation... I have had many arguments with my friends (me in favor of Peyton) on that exact same thing. Yes, Peyton does have a better brain for the game, and he has a better arm and accuracy - So for me, I think the difference that Brady has is: ????

ahh, I still don't know?

it's killing me when I try to put my finger on it.

Tapp - good post.

JTapp said...

Well, this is the first year I can remember that he's had as good receivers as Manning. Wasn't it Moss who said in previous years "Manning has his receivers, what if Brady had his?"

I don't think he's any less cerebral than Manning.

In Belichick's biography I believe it mentions that Brady has "natural instincts," or sees things that other QBs don't see, like a sixth sense.
I think it's a combination of that instinct, the way he studies the game really well (cerebral), and his great mechanics that make him great. Those mechanics were developed, he wasn't born with them.

To me, Peyton seems to work twice as hard as Brady to do just as much. Nothing wrong with that, but in the end some natural ability of Brady's sure counts for something.

BTW-- Patriots only had 9 running plays in the last game, and one was a QB scramble. I've never seen a team pass in more situations that I personally would run the football in... so, this year the system really helps.

Matt McKee said...

When the Colts and the Patriots meet again this year I really think that the Colts are going to win. I know that they will be in Boston but just call it my sixth sense. I like Manning more than Brady and it has nothing to do with the commercials. That is just me.

JTapp said...

Much of Indy's failure to win at home was the massive injuries to Freeney and others on defense.
(I can talk about this game because we downloaded the second half).

But that game was an example of what I'm talking about: These guys get 10 yards away from scoring and still have Brady throwing the ball on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd downs. No fakes, no play action. It irritated me, because I believe in smashmouth. But, they're so good that they always get that touchdown.