Thursday, December 13, 2007

Patriots' Punter

Last week, Bill Simmons wrote half-jokingly that the Patriots should keep their punter off the roster for the Jets game "to send a message" (to the Jets who reported the Patriots' sideline videotaping...something the Jets had apparently also got caught doing against the Patriots last season).

This got me looking: How often does the Patriots' punter actually see the field?
In 13 games, Chris Hanson has punted 32 times. That's only 2.46 punts per game! If he maintains his average, he'll have only 40 punts this season. Compare this with San Francisco's punter who already has 85 punts (6.54 punts per game).

Last year, the Patriots used 3 punters and punted 69 times. In 2005, their punter (Josh Miller) punted 76 times (or 4.75 punts per game).

The Patriots have almost halved their punt total in 2 seasons!

What's the record? It's actually 23 by San Diego in 1982, but they only played 9 games. So, 2.55 punts per game, worse than the Patriots' average. The 1941 Bears punted 32 times in 11 games, or 2.9 punts per game. Patriots win (so far)!


Ryan said...

just truly insane

TaylorW said...

tapp - do you think the PATS will finish out this entire season with a spotless record ? (that includes them being the SuperBowl champs...)

JTapp said...

Taylor, my answer would have to be "no," since it's never been done and they've had so many close calls.

Now, if I checked the data, the point spreads, Vegas odds on them going 19-0, and looked at some stat guru's predictors I might change my mind. But, believe it or not I haven't taken the time to do that, and have only watched 1 half of any NFL game this season.