Friday, December 21, 2007

T-Shirt slogans

A friend of mine sent me an email saying he was thinking of buying this t-shirt:

I have converted my response to him into this blog post. My initial thought was that higher insurance premiums are probably a much more expensive income-transfer system that illegal immigrants benefit from than government services. (Covering the cost of emergency rooms, uninsured motorists, etc.).
So, how about a t-shirt with the Texas flag in the background that says:
"Remember to pay your insurance! 1,700,000 illegal immigrants are depending on you!"

Services for immigrants are actually a really small part of federal outlays. So, I want a different t-shirt about taxes.
The defense spending bill passed this week had over 9,800 earmarks attached to it! 9,800 pork projects with your tax dollars in one single bill! I've harped on this before. Here are some possible slogans:

"Remember to pay your taxes. People who no longer want their tattoos are depending on you!"
"Remember to pay your taxes. Cotton farmers are completely depending on you!"(HT: Dani Rodrik).
"Remember to pay your taxes. Peanut storage facilities everywhere are depending on you!"
"Remember to pay your taxes. We can't attempt to communicate with space aliens otherwise!"
For Waco residents: "Remember to pay your taxes. Otherwise, Bellmead residents won't know that they want a swimming pool!"
"Remember to pay your taxes. The Goth culture in Missouri must be eliminated!"

And thousands of other examples. You can't make this stuff up. If someone bought me a t-shirt with any of these I would totally wear it.


TaylorW said...

that would be a crazy license plate... :-)

Ryan said...

Good stuff!