Thursday, January 03, 2008

Book Review (1st of 2008)

The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis.

An excellent book! Lewis tells the story of Michael Oher, currently left tackle for Ole Miss. Lewis also weaves into the story the evolution and importance of the left tackle position, the changes in football due to Bill Walsh's innovations, and contrasts Walsh-style coaches with Bill Parcells-style coaches. I learned so much in this book.

Oher is a kid who basically raised himself in West Memphis, and no one even knew of his existence until, at age 14, someone takes him to an all-white Christian school in East Memphis where they're amazed at a 6'5" 350 pound guy who can play point guard and shoot the three. He is uneducated, barely knows how to read or do math. A wealthy sports family adopts him, and then he develops into the most sought-after player in all of college football.

Even the non-football fan can get into the life story of this kid. For the football fan, there's a great history of how Lawrence Taylor vs. Bill Walsh forever changed football. It also gives a personal look at recruiting in the SEC.

To read a few chapters that Lewis edited for The New York Times Magazine, click here.
Great book, 5 stars! Thanks to Joni's parents for buying it off my wish list!

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