Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Book Review (2nd of 2008)

We just finished listening to Faith of My Fathers, read aloud by John McCain.

It's the story of his grandfather's and father's upbringing in the Navy, as well as McCain's coming of age as a young Midshipman at the Naval Academy, and later as a bomber pilot in Vietnam.

The second half of the book is McCain's retelling of his capture and torture by the Vietnamese in the Hanoi Hilton from 1967 to 1972. The tales of all the POWs is disturbing and very moving. The books ends with his homecoming in '72.

I'm voting for McCain, first and foremost, because this man endured much for his country, and grew to love it even more than before. That experience has shaped him like no other candidate.

Commentary: I imagine that seeing government bogged down in partisanship is quite painful to someone who sat languishing in a POW camp while politicians in Washington argued about things. I think that's probably why McCain reaches across the aisle so often and helps pass legislation that is considered "liberal" to his fellow Republicans.


justin said...

I agree with you on McCain. For good or bad the man has the bona fides to fill the Oval Office well.

I am excited that he is now the front runner.

TaylorW said...

hey, I posted on books too!