Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Kentucky basketball data

I wanted to start the New Year off with some sort of chart. I've been tracking all Pomeroy and Sagarin data for the Wildcats since start of the season. Here I post Sagarin's ELO_CHESS (the most accurate measure of who we've beaten without regard to score) next to our RPI (as calculated by Pomeroy). The big jump in the Elo is when we lost to UAB and Sagarin removed his pre-season weights and the measure became more accurate.

Click to enlarge. Where you see the opponent listed, the ranking is the morning BEFORE the game. The next is the morning AFTER.

Notice how the RPI improves with losses to good teams and worsens with wins over teams like FIU. The Elo doesn't do that as much. Both are beginning to converge. A win against Louisville would help both considerably.

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