Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Basketball Wednesday- Coaching Ratings!

Long overdue are the 3rd annual Tapp Coaching Ratings. If you've forgotten how this works, I've measured coaching performance from 1998 for every coach that's won a championship, plus a couple others. I created a formula to calculate the TCR: (Winning % * 100) + (2 * Tourny Performance) + (3 * NBA 1st Round picks). Divide this by the # of years coached from '98-'07.

Tourny performance is as follows: 1 point for making the NCAA, 2 for the 2nd round, 4 for Sweet 16, 8 for Elite 8, 12 for Final 4, 16 for Runner-up and 20 for National Champ. -5 points for not making the tourny. In order to get credit for a first-round draft pick, the coach had to recruit and coach the kid. So, Bill Self has yet to put many of his own recruits in the draft.

Like John Hollinger at ESPN, this formula is shamefully arbitrary and simply reflects what I think coaches are measured by. That said, we can apply the formula to the coaches and see how it has changed from last season:

1. Coach K
2. Roy Williams
3. Tom Izzo
4. Jim Calhoun
5. Billy Donovan
6. Tubby Smith*
7. Lute Olsen
8. Gary Williams
9. Mark Few
10. Bill Self
11. Jim Boeheim
12. Rick Pitino

* Randolph Morris counted toward Tubby this season since he wasn't drafted but was signed 1 week after the tourny ended by the NY Knicks, and was considered to be a first-rounder had he been draft eligible.

The formula reflects consistency. Donovan and Calhoun have won 2 titles each over this span, but their teams have been wildly inconsistent, with trips to the NIT. The top 3 coaches, Tubby Smith, and Mark Few have yet to miss the tourny during this span.

Billy Donovan passed up Tubby Smith after last year's championship run and draft bonanza. I will add Ben Howland and Thad Matta to the list next year.
Coach K is way ahead of everyone. Bill Self will likely jump much higher after this season's tourny run is over.


Rocksaw said...

Hey Justin!
Hope all is well. Its good to see that you guys are back safe and sound. Jared & I were e-mailing back and forth yesterday and he sent over this link. Good stuff. I've joined the post MSeco hunt as well...hit me up at reverse ude.rolyab@ascar_kcirtap when you get the chance - Patrick

Wes said...

Mark Few? I mean seriously...