Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pizza is Expensive

When you think about eating an expensive dinner, what comes to mind? I think of fillet mignon , or an Outback steak, or a fancy Italian restaurant. What is expensive when buying a meal only for yourself? $10? $20? $30?

My personal thought is if I'm paying more than $12 for a meal for myself it had better be all-you-can-eat, preferably a buffet like Ryan's or Golden Corral. (can I get an amen?)

Delivery pizza is an expensive meal. You don't often think about it as such, but it is.

I think half the time people don't expect the pizza they're ordering to be as expensive as it ends up being and are surprised to hear the total. I heard one caller cancel an order today after he ordered a triple-cheese with extra toppings and heard it would cost him $30.

Cases in point:
Yesterday, a customer ordered a medium pizza. Now, I can polish off a medium in one sitting without problem, and most college-aged guys I know would need 2 to be satisfied.

He ordered it half and half, which immediately doubles the price. He ordered 4 toppings for one half, and 4 for the other. This counted as 8 separate toppings. Plus, he ordered a special sauce for one side. It's about $2 per topping and sauce.

He also ordered a 2-liter of Pepsi, which is $2.50. There is also a $1.50 delivery charge.

Total price: $28.95. For one medium pizza.

His was my last delivery of a long, stormy and foggy night in East TN. I accidentally grabbed a Diet Pepsi for him instead of a Pepsi. I also wasn't given credit card receipts for him, which meant he had to awkwardly sign the plain receipt.

So, I got no tip. His apartment was about 5 miles from the Hut and the Hut gives me $1 to make that trip. So, I felt bad about missing his Pepsi, but his apartment was about 1/2 mile from the nearest convenient store where he could have gotten a 2-liter Pepsi for 69 cents.

Today, a woman used a coupon to order a $12.99 large pizza "made just how you like it!" Actual price of the large pizza: $21. She wasn't pleased when I showed up on her doorstep and needed that amount from her in exchange for the pizza.

Her mistake: The limit is 3 toppings to use the coupon (read the fine print)... she apparently ordered 4, and thus her coupon didn't give her $12.99... oh, plus the $1.50 delivery charge and sales tax.

I see this over and over throughout my day. $30 for 2 medium pizzas. $30 for one large pizza, etc.

The store has seen sales slacking in recent weeks. There are many factors that could contribute to this. But, I wonder if it isn't the slowing economy and higher food & fuel prices and people realizing they have an elastic demand curve for delivery pizza.
Friends don't let friends get delivery pizza. Just trust me (and Troy per yesterday's comments).


Jessica said...

Pizza Hut isn't as expensive for those of us who are "preferred customers." I received a package in the mail stating that I was a "preferred customer" and it had a $2 off keychain coupon with no expiration date. I can get $2 off any pizza I order because I am a "preferred customer."

I'm afraid that means we order too much Pizza Hut. Can't beat that pan crust, though.

Joni said...

I've never heard of a preferred customer of a pizza place! You guys must REALLY order too much pizza!!! :) The pan crust is the only good thing about Pizza Hut, though. I had their hand tossed crust the other day, and it wasn't worth it. Papa John's all the way, baby! (And even then only when you have a good coupon and read the fine print!)

d blake said...

here's what i got at domino's for $29.95...

Large pep, sausage, green pepper
Large meat lovers
Medium pepperoni

maybe just pizza hut pizza is expensive.