Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Quitting my Job

So, on Friday I'm quitting my job at Pizza Hut after 2 weeks of working there. Why would someone do this?

Well, one of the 10 Principles of Economics is that rational people think at the margin. When the marginal cost of an action exceeds the marginal benefit of the action, you don't take the action.

1. I've not become enamored with Clinton, TN and have decided that we should leave here ASAP.
2. I get $1 for every delivery run, be it 1 mile or 15 miles. The $1 is supposed to pay for the gas. Gas is $3.14 a gallon.
3. 1/2 of my deliveries are uphill. During rain storms my tires spin out and the 1-lane roads are just unsafe. 1/5 of my deliveries are to houses with long, steep, or washed-out gravel driveways. So, the punishment on the car is also not worth the $1.
4. I have to constantly worry about getting shortchanged by my managers.
5. I have to constantly worry about being stolen from by my coworkers and managers.
6. The manager of the store is a liar, a cheat, and an alcoholic. See #4 & #5 above.
7. The Pizza Hut has a terrible reputation, has terrible sales numbers, and will likely close within a year barring some drastic change. See #s 4-6 above.
8. I have been working the day shift and sometimes only see a couple deliveries. This means very few tips to supplement the $1 I'm paid for gas.
9. I burn myself every day on pans and hot water. This becomes annoying.
10. I can't think of a 10th thing... so, we'll just stick with 9.

The benefits of the job are the cash tips that I don't have to report and the ease of the routine during downtimes.

So, costs outweigh the benefits. Time to move on to something else. Hopefully. Prayerfully. Soon.

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Anonymous said...

I've got a 10th thing: I had a college roommate my freshman year who had a girlfriend that he wasn't particularly into. He kept dating her for a little while, because he didn't have a good reason to not (this should read he had no one to trade up to). I was in the same boat. One day, he asked me to make a pact that we both break up with our respective girlfriends to give us added encouragement to find a more suitable mate. He thought not having a girlfriend (he used more colorful language) would motivate us to action. I can see a similar situation here.