Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rural Adventures (Part 1)

We're weekending at my parents' place just outside Eddyville, KY home of Ty Rogers, the kid from Western Kentucky who hit "the shot" to beat Drake.

Both sides of my family put on a baby shower for Joni on Saturday in Madisonville. My dad and I dropped her off, then we went on our own adventure: to find our roots. (NO, we did not see Hillary Clinton who was in town, though we drove past the school where she was speaking.)

I mentioned before that our future son Elias is partly named after Eli Tapp, one of the first Tapps to settle in West KY from Virginia & North Carolina in the early 1800s. Eli's grave is in a Tapp Cemetery somewhere in remote Hopkins County.

With some GPS coordinates and Google Maps, we found the location online and drove out to the boonies. We eventually found the cemetery, an old rod-iron fenced in location in the middle of a cornfield. We hiked through the field and made our way into the cemetery, long overgrown by weeds. Click the pic to enlarge and see the structures in the far distance.

Here are some pictures of Eli and his first wife Sarah Lunsford's gravestones. Eli was born December 7, 1797 and died May 9, 1852.

One of his children's families are also buried in the cemetery. Here's a picture of dad outside the cemetery.

We also drove a good ways into Webster County to find one of Eli's brother's grave, in another remote Tapp Cemetery. While unsuccessful, the long drive was a reminder of how much land was owned among the Tapps back in the 1800s. The majority of Hopkins and Webster, and a good deal of Union and Henderson counties were owned by Tapps.

It was fun to trespass on someone's cornfield to see the grave of my great, great, great grandfather in the land of the Tapps.

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