Monday, March 24, 2008

Sign of the Times

On Hardin Valley Rd. in Knox Co., we'd seen signs advertising a covered bridge and I'd always wanted to visit it. So, yesterday after a good Easter lunch we decided to drive down the road and see the bridge.

Turns out Covered Bridge is just the name of an exclusive subdivision. They've built a covered bridge over a stream as the park entrance to the subdivision. It's a very expensive development outside the edge of civilization in Knoxville. A Google search reveals that there was no historic bridge there, the developers just decided to do something quaint and I fell for thinking that there was actually an historic bridge.

So, on the way home we were on a country road (that will very soon be stripmalls and more subdivisions leading to the Covered Bridge) and we passed this sign. Click to enlarge.

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Matt McKee said...

It is nice to see other sign geeks in the world. This one is well appreciated.