Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yep, I'm Pizza Hut's newest employee. I make $6/hr plus tips, so it's not technically minimum wage. I was hired as a "driver," thinking that's what I'd be doing, but most of the time there's not much driving to be done and I do whatever needs to be done.
Yes, the uniform makes me look fat (the shirt is one size too small but is all they had). I also dislike the odd hat, Joni says it looks like a do-rag. I think it makes me look like a punk and judging from the look on their faces, the customers agree.

It's given me a lot of material for a post coming soon entitled "You know you're in East Tennessee when..."

How I've changed: I don't think I will ever let my family order pizza from anywhere ever again. You shouldn't either. Trust me.


justin said...

That is too funny.

scotty d said...

dude.. that is awesome.. Your uniform reminds me of my days at Sam's Club!!!

so serious.. I want to know about the pizza?

troy woodyard said...

I was at papa johns for a month and a half... Same story. Not much driving, a lot of dish washing. And if it weren't for that fact that i have low standards i also wouldn't let people i cared about order pizza ever again.

TaylorW said...

haha - TAPP you are hilarious bro...

Keith Walters said...

I had heard rumors of this but refused to believe it was true.

I would love to order pizzza from you but Pizza Hut makes me sick, like literally the grease kills me.

Do you deliver to KY?