Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Commercial Break

Gonna take a break from the church series to let it sink in and work on the appendix. I thought I'd do a post critiquing the commercials we were bombarded with throughout the NCAA tournament and sort out how my brain has been washed.

Coke vs. Coke Zero. Hidden cameras poking fun at real lawyers. Guys saying random and funny things. A few of these were funny and were replayed hundreds of times. They have now gotten old. Message to Coca-Cola: We KNOW that Coke Zero tastes like Coke but without the calories. If no one is buying it, then maybe you should market it differently. Thank you.

DiGiorno. "It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno." I think they had 1 commercial, the one where the husband pretends to order a pizza while actually calling his wife in the kitchen.
Question: Who sets up a TV in the middle of the backyard? You couldn't even see the screen due to the glare from the sun... just saying.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car: Okay, is there ANYONE in America who doesn't know that Enterprise can pick you up for free if you rent a car??? I mean, they've been playing the soccer mom commercial for at least 5 years. People have probably quit using Enterprise because they're sick of their commercial!

Burger King: Futuristic the King. The year is 3000 again and everyone is weird and lame. A robotic The King shows up and delivers a breakfast wrap. A female appears and says "He's so great with his hands!" and you're instantly creeped out. The ad agency that made it is Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Call them up and tell them they failed.
Seriously, I am creeped out enough to not eat Burger King for a while... except to get some BK Joe. I wish I could snap my fingers and have some Joe...

DirectTV: Message from the Future. What's with the creepy futuristic commercials? Just tell us what DirectTV has to offer and get off my screen.

Degree Antiperspirant: More creepy futuristic robots!? Seriously, why would we have robots that are constantly scanning our bodies to see how much we are perspiring?? As another blogger put it:
Ok, so you had a robot apply your antiperspirant in the morning and were nearly late for your meeting - especially after having to deal with that robotic dog who wanted to bite your butt. Should I just try not to think about why a robot would want to chase or bite you? Luckily there was a jet-pack thing there that got you to the meeting - with your holographic boss? And the hologram analyzes you for sweat? What. The. Hell?

DirectTV Board Room commercials: These were mildly funny. A cable marketing executive uses corporate lingo to pretend to come up with ways to compete against DirectTV. "Let's go viral; blog it out over the Net. Boom, our numbers are up 800%. Can we say Q3 anyone?" But, the 50th time I see this it will be less funny.

Cadillac's various commercials. Joni's brother-in-law thinks the "Does it return the favor" quote made some guy's career. It apparently has a rabid following on YouTube.
The one where the guy says "life is high school, just with bigger toys," really annoys me. He implies that he "graduates" from that silliness because he bought the biggest toy of them all: an Escalade. Yeah, buddy, you're impressive.

Pizza Hut's new pasta. I've tried some of these, and they're decent. Slightly better than Fazoli's. But, I don't recommend anyone order anything from Pizza Hut; just make it yourself.
Pizza Hut is reportedly going to change its name to Pasta Hut and phase out the pizzas if this is successful. Hmm.. they figured out they're not doing so well in the pizza business. Imagine that.

Anyone have any others they'd like to talk about? I know I left out a couple.

My favorite commercial: Nike's My Better is Better. This commercial gets me hyped, and sometimes this song shows up in my dreams.

"Thank you very much for coming."


Liz Waters said...

I don't know if it was on last night, but there was a really weird new Corn Pops commercial on the other night that made me actually NOT want to earn Corn Pops. It had robots too, but done in a very low budget hand-drawn way. I'll try to look it up or something.

Wes said...

Enterprise picks you up? I didn't know that.

I think the new King commercia is HILARIOUS. Totally agree about the Degree commercial.

Joni said...

Besides the ones you mentioned, I'm highly disliking the Comcast "More. More. More." commercials where the people open their mouths and song lyrics come out. They don't make any sense, and they're not funny. And the songs get stuck in my head!