Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Does this picture bother anyone else but me?

President Bush on Deal or No Deal, probably my least favorite game show ever. Saying "I'm thrilled to be anywhere with high ratings these days."

From the NY Times:

"Elitism is to the 2008 campaign as communism was to 1950s politics: a career breaker. And pop TV is the antidote, a free platform to rub shoulders with viewers who only glancingly pay attention to the news... None of the presidential candidates want to be seen as snooty or overeducated, which must be why on Monday all three provided taped greetings to wrestling fans watching “WWE Raw” on the USA network."

WWE Raw, are you kidding me???

"The novelty of politicians showing their lighter side on national television has begun to weigh heavily on the campaign season. The surprise lies not in who does which show, but who doesn’t do them at all, and at this point only the pope has held out."

So, the political campaign for president has essentially boiled down to who can be the funniest on these comedy shows? Who comes across the most as likable? Because Americans are too uneducated to figure out whose proposed policies will have what real and long-lasting effects on our country?

I don't care if Obama bowls or if Hillary has suddenly gone on a barroom drinking binge. How do I explain all these antics to my son?

"Well, Elias, in the old days people used to care about ideas and want to vote for highly-educated people who were serious, reminded us of our forefathers, and who had experience fighting wars and such. These days, we give our votes to whoever is funniest because it makes us feel happier and more numb as we try not to watch our country implode."

Sorry, this post was pure commentary. The data say many people watch Deal or No Deal and that Bush made a taped guest appearance on it.

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haha, Tapp your hilarious bro.