Sunday, April 13, 2008


Jimmie Johnson gives Hendrick Motorsports a much-needed first win of the season. This time last year they were straight dominating. Now, it's a big win for driver and crew chief.

Chad Knaus (above) deserves much of the credit, making the gamble on fuel in the closing laps. Knaus' calculations had Jimmy coming up a lap short. Yet, they waited to see what everyone else would do. Once everyone else had pitted, Jimmy had a 10 second lead. Chad simply told him to slow down, even lied to him that he had a 20 second lead. It worked. Jimmy even had enough gas to do one of his famous burnouts. Way to go, team!

Last weekend I watched the race on the huge HDTV at Joni's brother-in-law's in Cincinnati. They have two kids, the oldest of which is Patriot at 3 years old, pictured standing here. During the race, Patriot came downstairs, looked up at the TV and said "That's Jimmie Johnson!" His parents aren't sure how he even knows who JJ is. He quickly said that Johnson is his favorite and can even tell you what number he is. I could have cried and just hugged the kid to death.
NASCAR- even little kids like to watch the race cars go fast!

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