Monday, April 28, 2008

Rural Adventures continued (Part 4)

On Saturday, Joni and I drove up to Lake City and across to picnic in Norris Dam State Park, a 4038 acre forested area. We like to go new places. Here are some pictures of the dam. We also visited a restored old grist mill and threshing barn along our drive through the park.

We discovered that this past weekend was a holiday weekend for many locales, with festivals, flea markets, and exhibitions. Driving through Norris (the quaintest town) we saw a classic car show and a concert in the local park. We ate dessert at Shoney's and watched stunt guys doing motorcycle tricks at the ATV store next door. We bought some local raspberry-honey jelly (80% honey).

I also added some "You know you're in East TN when..." moments to the list.

You know you're in East Tennessee when...
...You see a pickup truck painted orange with a 01 like the General Lee. On the back windshield it says "Lost Sheep", and on the rear gate it has a large painting of a Confederate flag and an American flag.

...You see several carvings in your picnic table made by lovers. One reads:
Skeeter + Nubby = 4 Ever.

Ah, Skeeter and Nubby. Wonder what they named their kids? And sorry I didn't stop to get a picture of the pickup truck. The owner didn't look like the kind of guy who would take it too kindly.

Also of note, Lake City (Pop 1900, median household income in '05: $15,100) has a welcoming sign that says "Proud Past, Bright Future!" After driving through it I can say that if selling crystal meth is the future, then the sign got it right.

Maybe next weekend we'll hit some flea markets.

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