Wednesday, May 07, 2008

How NOT to promote tourism

How do you define "tourist"? In my mind, it's synonymous with "visitor." I think of a visitor who is seeing the sites of a new location.

The Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corporation ( is promoting "National Tourism Week" with their program called "Gotta Know Knoxville." According to the website, the program is "aimed at educating local tourism partners on what Knoxville has to offer its visitors."

Over 30 destinations (zoo, riverboats, museums, etc.) are offering free admission on Saturday in order to promote tourism. The problem? It's not for visitors, it's for Knoxvillians only!
You can't get in unless you show a valid Knox County drivers license. So, visitors to Knoxville are out of luck. I'd love to know more about what Knoxville has to offer, but I guess I'll have to live here before I can visit.

But wait! There is another option. We can still receive a pass for free or reduced admission to certain tourist destinations if we take a 4 hour class!

I guess it's like one of those "free vacations" where you have to listen to hours and hours of timeshare advertisements.

Who are the brilliant recently-graduated marketing majors who came up with this one?

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John said...

Congrats on a great year. I am in the process of recruiting in my first year at Muskingham College. I've got a jr. dominated team, so we should be really good next year. By the way, that fantastic year should get you some D-II offers!