Tuesday, May 06, 2008


What I think: Horse racing is having a bad week.
What I know: Horse racing is also the only sport where the athletes are encouraged and paid to sleep around.

What I know: Roger Clemens is accused of having an affair with both of these women.

What I know: Clemens apologized for having affairs without actually admitting that he had them.
What I think: Clemens should run for President.

What I know: Kobe Bryant is being named NBA MVP.
What I think: Chris Paul is better than Kobe Bryant.
What I know: Good empirical analysis agrees that several players are more valuable than Kobe (HT: Wages of Wins).
What I know: Players are rewarded and paid according to how much they score rather than how many wins they produce (again, Wages of Wins).
What I think: Being MVP gets you a ridiculous number of favorable calls from referees.

What I know: Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo.
What I think: Most Americans have no idea what this holiday is about.
What I know: Almost 25% of children under the age of 5 are Hispanic, according to the US Census (ht: Addison's Walk).
What I think: At least 25% of my son's friends growing up are likely to speak Spanish. He'd better learn quickly.

What I know: Coach Billy Gillispie has gotten commitments from an 8th grader and a 9th grader in the past week.
What I think: It's not too early to send Billy Clyde game tape of Elias.

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John said...

That's so funny! I laughed out loud!