Monday, June 16, 2008

The Perfect Father's Day?

If Father's Day is partly about sitting around and watching sports, then this was probably a perfect day.

#1. Dale Earnhardt Jr. finally snaps the 76-race winless streak. Luck finally went his way. I imagine thousands of fathers were cheering on NASCAR's biggest star with their sons while thinking of Jr.'s father. Joni got teary-eyed, but I wasn't quite there. However, I did get emotional at the post-race celebration when Jimmie Johnson came over and gave him a big hug. I am quite relieved that Jr. got the monkey off his back, and now he can just focus on winning The Chase. He really is a fantastic driver.

#2. U.S. Open. I occasionally watch golf when Tiger plays well. Golf is probably the most intense sport not named Chess. The feel-good story was Rocco Mediate who almost beat him before Tiger pulled a great putt to send it to an 18-hole playoff. With a win, Mediate would be the oldest guy ever to win his first major; he also had a great attitude all day. Tiger is so intense and so crazy good at the game, you can't help but watch. However, I feel that the PGA courses probably need to be exercised of demons after every tournament because of the way Tiger curses the greens, the rough, the trees, the holes, his clubs, all day long.

#3. NBA Finals. I've forgotten to watch all 5 games of the Finals thus far, probably because it usually ends past my bedtime. When Rondo gets something like 8+ assists, the Celtics always win. When Rondo struggles, they don't win. A quick check of the box score tells me it was Rondo who had the real "garbage" game and not Kevin Garnett. No matter, Boston will win in Boston.

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