Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amish Stories

So, Amish people are all over southern Missouri. I mentioned that in a previous post. We passed several on US 60 and I've seen them on every trip I've made to Wal Mart here in Bolivar. Two stories:

I drove a UHaul with my father-in-law to Bolivar on Saturday. The first place we stopped to get gas I saw a bunch of Amish kids in their overalls and hats come running out of the convenient store. They stopped and stared and pointed at me and the UHaul as if I was odd-looking.
Then, the kids all piled into a big shiny new SUV. Their dad (with full beard) came out a minute later talking on his Motorola Razr. They drove off in the SUV. I guess some Amish don't ride in buggies.

We stopped for lunch at a McDonald's just east of Springfield. There were probably 2 dozen Amish inside waiting on their food. It struck me as odd that a people who strive to grow farm produce naturally and organically were eating lunch at McDonalds, the antithesis of all things natural. I imagine they had brought their goods to a local farmers market that morning and were now getting a special lunch treat before heading back to the farm.

I imagine that each Amish enclave probably decides what is "wordly" and what isn't. In west KY there has been an uproar because several Amish refuse to put the orange safety reflector on their buggies because it's too worldly. While in Southeast Missouri the Amish drive black SUVs. Ah, it's a different world here in Missouri.


Jeannie said...

They probably weren't Amish, they were likely Mennonite (not sure if I am spelling that correct?). Mennonite aren't as strict as "old order" Amish. We have a large Mennonite and Amish population in rural Ohio, too. Most people assume that the Mennonites are "breaking rules" but in reality they have a different set of rules/customs that they live by.
Good Luck settling into your new place!

Wes said...

I heard Amish people still play NCAA Football for XBOX, so I think you'll be ok if you want to be Amish.