Monday, July 28, 2008

Great day for Jimmie, bad day for NASCAR

I enjoyed one of my favorite old pastimes yesterday- coming to campus to watch a race on cable TV while also studying. Sadly, this was one of the worst races in NASCAR history and is being called a total debacle. Someone somewhere didn't figure out that the tires Goodyear was using wouldn't last more than 10 laps. So, they raced in 10 lap segments.

"There were 11 total yellow flags, and NASCAR had to throw six competition cautions to force teams to pit and change their tires. (Yahoo).

It meant the longest green-flag run was an embarrassing 12 laps, causing teams to fear both tire failures and a possible supply shortage. Goodyear shipped in 800 tires earmarked for use next week in Pocono before the race, but they ultimately weren’t needed."

The winner would be decided by whoever could pit the fastest-- it was all on the pit crews who were exhausted by the end of the day. Crew Chief Chad Knauss consistently made the call for 4 tires every time, while other teams settled for 2 and track position. This allowed Jimmie to roar to the front after every pit.

The only real racing came in the final 10 laps. Jimmie took two tires and out-dueled Cousin Carl (Missouri native) for the win.
Jimmie and Chandra on the bricks.

Chad Knauss is my hero.

A Jimmie Johnson win is pretty much a good day for me. I hope he enjoys every bit of the $509,236 purse.

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