Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Brett Favre-- "overrated"

Brian Burke, one of my heroes in the blogging world, gained some fame the past month with this post showing that Brett Favre didn't have a good season last year-- his receivers did.

He gives an even simpler analysis today.

Despite a very average overall completion rate, Favre's rates for deep right and deep left passes are well below average. That means in order to have an overall average completion rate, he must be gorging on the dink and dunk stuff.

I'm not the only guy with access to stats like these. Do you know who else might have them? Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson.

It's so hard to read the blogs I do and still listen to commentators on TV. We no longer have cable, and I don't miss watching Around the Horn or PTI. (Related note- It's hard to watch the evening news these days, I only enjoy PBS' NewsHour).

If you love football but don't read Brian's blog then I challenge you to put your mind where your heart is and click the link.

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