Friday, August 01, 2008

Garage Saleing

I think Bolivar must be the place to live if you love garage sales. They have them all the time, during the week, on weekends, doesn't matter. I have taken to committing my Friday mornings to hitting them, as Fridays are peak garage sale time here. Not all of them advertise in the paper, you just have to drive around town and follow the homemade signs, or get lucky and stumble across one.

Today I successfully crammed a tall bookcase in great condition into my Mazda 626 and slowly drove it home. The amount of miles I've driven looking for a cheap bookcase has not made it worth it, but the deal today was great. Got Joni a used DVD player as well, since all our previous used ones have blown up (and this one will too eventually). I also got a couple lamps we needed for the living room for $4.

I got our computer desk for $2.75 from a thrift store. Technically not garage sale-ing but I found it while shopping. It's great. Our nearest thrift store is like a 6-day garage sale, there's something new out front every day. Bolivar has a nice collection of thrift and junk stores, and also high-quality antique stores for the tourists. The garage sales are also all loaded with cheap antiques.

My favorite garage sale find was a guy selling his collection of non-fiction audio books on CD for $1 each! Most of which I'd either wanted to read, or had almost bought at one time. So, I racked up that day. Everything would have cost me at least $10 even at a used store. I'm currently listening to one book that I've decided to make required reading for my International Economics students. I figure we can sell them to a used book store in Springfield and I'll make at least 100% accounting profit.

There are also auctions almost daily here (I'm not sure if that coincides with the fact that probably 10% of houses are for sale). I've hit a couple of those just to browse around. The auctions are just like garage sales except everything in the house is for sale. However, I don't find it worthwhile to it to sit around for hours waiting to bid on something I want when chances are I'll see it at a garage sale somewhere else.

One garage sale today had a huge pile of boys clothes for. You filled your own Wal Mart bag with whatever you wanted and paid $1/bag. We've not had a need to get Elias clothes yet, but soon enough he'll get used to wearing the latest garage sale find.

So, every Friday morning I am the Garage Sale King.


TaylorW said...

tapp... I'm soooo glad you are still bloggin' bro. (everyone keeps droppin' out.)


(I'm in IOWA for the summer, but my blogging will increase when I get back for school. ttyl)

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin,

David says to say, "welcome to the wonderful world of bargain hunting! Ain't it great?!" (At David's prompting, Joshua and I went yard saling Saturday morning. Found him a Larry the Cucumber stuffed toy for 25 cents. He is really into Veggie Tales now and carries the Larry everywhere, simple pleasures)