Sunday, August 17, 2008

2 good reads

Washington Post has a lengthy timeline attempting to piece together exactly what happened last Thursday-Saturday in S. Ossetia from a military perspective. Very helpful.

Nicholas Kristof, the NY Times' legendary foreign correspondent decides to apply for a permit to hold a legal protest in Beijing according to their laws set up for the Olympics. Comedy and tragedy ensue.

"What I didn’t realize is that Public Security has arrested at least a half-dozen people who have shown up to apply for protest permits. Public Security is pretty shrewd. In the old days it had to go out and catch protesters in the act. Now it saves itself the bother: would-be protesters show up at Public Security offices to apply for permits and are promptly detained. That’s cost-effective law enforcement for you."

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Liz Waters said...

Justin, did you see the forum at Saddleback with Obama and McCain? What did you think of what McCain said about the Russia/ Georgia situation?