Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McCain email

Got this in my inbox just now from McCain-Palin (boldings my own):

"By now you've heard that the Democrats combined have raised nearly $200 million in the month of September alone and they're using this money to flood media markets across the country with misleading ads.

While I don't get much time to watch television on the campaign trail, I did see many of these attack ads watching the Arizona Cardinals play the Dallas Cowboys a few Sundays ago. Objective observers have said these ads are full of misinformation and the ads from the left are quickly adding up to the most expensive negative ad buy in history.

Your generous support is needed today to stop the left's misleading attacks against candidates from the top to bottom of our ticket. Will you make a donation right now of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more to McCain-Palin Victory 2008?"

(There's also a "forward" of an email recently sent by Sarah Palin about her appearance on SNL, just in case we missed the first email and the stories on the news about how polls show people think she's dumber than before she went on SNL. Got it.)

Do I think my $25, or lots of people's $25, would be enough to "stop" the deluge of Obama ads? No. $200 million in one month is a lot of dough. 100,000 people flocking to see Obama in St. Louis last weekend is also a large number. Maybe if McCain's team had figured it out (it's the socialism, stupid) months ago then there'd be a shot. Too little, too late.

McCain needs to win several swing states (map from Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Florida are all must-wins, so the odds of him getting them all are astronomical. His campaign concedes he needs at least one of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, or Minnesota to go his way or else. The InTrade prediction market shows people are only betting Indiana to stay red, and it's not too close a margin in WI, PA, or MN.

I'm going to go vote on Saturday, but I think this race is over.

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