Sunday, November 16, 2008


Jimmie Johnson becomes the second man in history to win 3 straight Sprint Cup Championships.*
He's truly one of the most dominant sportsmen of our time. Chad Knauss becomes the first crew chief to threepeat. 8 championships for Hendrick Motorsports.

The final race was just exciting enough to keep you watching. Carl Edwards won yet again but fell just short of a championship, lucky he didn't run out of gas at the end.

When I started watching NASCAR at the beginning of last season, I wasn't sure which driver or team to pull for. Hendrick was dominating and all their drivers were winning. I liked how they just seemed smarter than all the other teams. I initially pulled for Kyle Busch but then realized he was a rude punk. I thought about rooting for Casey Mears but realized that he didn't seem to have the guts to finish well. I couldn't root for Jeff Gordon because I already knew who he was and where's the fun in that? That left Jimmie, he defending champ, who always seemed to finish well. He was a nice enough guy, had wholesome sponsors (Lowes and Kobalt Tools), and his crew chief was who I wanted to be in life. I decided that #48 team would be my choice.

Jimmie and Chad are consistently good when they have to be. Their worse finish in The Chase was 15th. Chad outsmarts the other chiefs, and Jimmie outdrives the other drivers.

Next season will look different, as the financial crisis affects NASCAR more than any other sport. So, it's a bittersweet ending to the season.
We've proudly dressed Elias in one of his #48 onesies just about every Sunday. We need to get him some more Kentucky basketball gear now so he can be their good luck charm too.

*(for you non-NASCAR folk, you always call the championship by its current sponsor. So, Cale Yarborough won 3 straight Sprint Cup championships from '76-78 even though it was called the Winston Cup back then, and the Nextel Cup last year).

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