Monday, November 10, 2008

Eager to Teach Macro

There will be no better time to take Principles of Macroeconomics than next semester. I'm happy to be teaching the only two sections here. I've gotten the textbook I want and the classes should be quite full.
Why will it be interesting? Because every day there is a new article out about the need for a fiscal stimulus-- an increase in government spending meant to offset the downturn in the business cycle. Paul Krugman is advocating a $600 billion stimulus today. China just announced a $586 billion stimulus package (which may not mean anything... they might spend that much anyway).

This is pure Keynesian economics, and the history debates on the blogosphere over the past week have been interesting. That will make the class more interesting.

The Fed is taking "historically unprecedented" actions in the realm of monetary policy. This makes for some wonderful graphs and interesting discussion.

Plus, I've just gotten armed with a bunch of new curriculum, videos, games, etc. from my weekend at the Fed. It will be good.

I'm also teaching Personal Finance which will also be great. No better time to figure out how to budget, save, and plan ahead than during an economic downturn.

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