Sunday, November 09, 2008

Extreme Makeover

I usually don't watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition because I don't like tear-jerker exploitations and often feel the resources could be put to better use in another country.

I watched tonight's episode because I heard it described as offensively over-the-top because of the many disabled people doing the construction work.
It was over-the-top, but extremely humbling. In fact, I recommend watching it. The story of Sam Malek, the physically challenged coffee shop owner, is incredible. Googling found this St. Louis Magazine article about him from 2007. I spend at least half my days feeling sorry for myself or wishing I could change things about myself or situation. And then I see an episode like tonight and realize how blessed and selfish I am.
So, if you want a humbling experience and a reality check watch this week's episode. Warning: It's over-the-top emotional.

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