Friday, November 14, 2008

Not ready for basketball

A few people I graduated with and know love of UK basketball have asked me: "Are you fired up for basketball season?"

The answer is: "No." or "Not yet."

Especially as I got online tonight to follow the play-by-play and find that Kentucky lost 111-103 to VMI. I wasn't ready for that.

Time constraints are pretty huge in my life right now. I have a list of priorities, and the only truly free time I have is on Saturdays and Sundays. I watch college football (which I'm still enjoying) and NASCAR (which ends this week). So, with NASCAR out of the way, Sundays will be freed up... maybe for basketball. Or, more properly, for calculus. Yes, that's a pressing priority right now. And not a fair trade!

And it's hard to focus on any sport when we have a potentially world-changing G20 meeting happening to address a global financial crisis that has repercussions every day for how I teach my classes and how we might live for the next generation or so.

The bad thing about basketball is that most games are on weeknights and on ESPN. My weeknights aren't that free, I go to bed at 9pm, and we don't get ESPN. I haven't had time to check the Lexington paper much to get basketball hype. My parents sent me a DVD of this year's Big Blue Madness.

If you're a new reader to this blog, March becomes the most important time of my year as I collect massive amounts of basketball-related data in order to do regression analysis and forecast team performance in the tourny. After March, I'm kind of exhausted. Last year was one of the most compelling Final Fours ever.
This March, I hopefully will still be passing Calc II. I wonder if I'll have time to even think about filling out a bracket.

So, I'm not ready now. But, come January 4, the Louisville game, I'll be ready to go I'm sure. Until then, I still have my HD dynasty that is apparently more important to me than real-life basketball.

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