Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Art (and coffee)

Here's an innovative blog made up completely of the author's artwork. This set is about coffee.

I relate to several of the napkins, particularly the first few and then the line graph showing love for types of coffee over time.

I currently am drinking individual-brew Folgers (the ones that are like tea bags). They're pretty quick and easy and taste better than if I brewed it myself in a coffee maker. Ingenious invention. Unlike my colleagues, I'm not embarrassed to have a hot mug of coffee on my desk (everyone else drinks in the privacy of their home or not at all).

I drink only one cup a day if I'm paying for it. But I still tend to go wherever I can get "free" coffee.

BTW-- I had breakfast at a Subway the other day and enjoyed their French vanilla as well as regular brew. If you're ever stuck in a Wal-Mart for 2 hours beyond your control, you might check out the Subway's coffee.

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Charity said...

Your Wal-Mart has Subway? Umm...we're still stuck with McDonalds.