Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I listened to the first 2/3 of the UK game last night before going to bed. I was glad to wake up to read all the accolades lauded on Jodie Meeks. My favorite part of it was this quote from Patrick Patterson:

“Even in the last minute of the game, they were still talking trash,” Patterson said. “When somebody scores 50 in your gym, I wouldn’t have been talking.

“My mouth would have been shut.”

For all my attempts to not care so much about sports, I find I still passionately hate one school more than any other-- the University of Tennessee. The above quote sums up why. Bobby Maze and Scotty Hopson are just the latest 2 reasons. The one coach I always believe Gillispie can always outcoach is Bruce Pearl.

(The paradox of sports passion among highly educated people who care deeply about how their resources are spent is going to be the subject of a future post).

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