Friday, January 16, 2009

I feel like our nation is in a plane crash

Did you hear the news tonight? A plane crashed into the Hudson yesterday. It wasn't enough to give it a full 15 minutes of prime network news coverage yesterday, it needed another 20 tonight. Dateline is even airing the teary reunion of father and son who were separated for *gasp* 20 whole minutes while they evacuated the plane. "Superpilot" t-shirts, groups on Facebook, etc. etc. etc.

And did you hear that Barack Obama accidentally dropped his Blackberry as he got out of his limo today? Yes, that was also considered newsworthy.

But nevermind that the biggest bank in the U.S. (over $1 of every $10 on deposit with a commercial bank is on deposit at Bank of America) is suddenly in deep trouble, requiring immediate government assistance after boasting of how it didn't really need it previously since its takeover of Merril Lynch was like digesting a rotten walnut. Or that the #2 bank is splitting itself up and the government is considering establishing an "aggregator bank" to purchase troubled assets. Or that there are now serious concerns of countries defaulting on their debts and a possible end to the current form of the European Monetary Union. Or that over 1,100 have died in Gaza this past week...


Jessica said...

Did Obama's phone break?

JTapp said...

No, a secret service agent picked it up and handed it back to him. The story preceding was about how Obama gets to keep his Blackberry for personal contacts but not official business (usually POTUS doesn't get to have a blackberry for security reasons).