Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More on Inauguration

I eagerly watched the inauguration for the historical moment, would have no matter who was getting sworn in. The sense the media gave was that everyone in the world was watching.

Maybe not.

Context: SW Missouri is as red as it gets. None of the local counties went to Obama, even after intense campaigning and several trips by Obama and Biden. Not really even close.

The local newspaper ran a poll asking respondents if they were planning on watching the inauguration. Out of something like 200 responses, 67% said they were not. Interesting to see if Friday's paper even carries any stories about it.

I talked to some elementary school teachers yesterday, didn't sound like they turned the inauguration on, but I'm sure some classes did somewhere.

Some of the local university's Jan term classes (4 hours long) also did not let out for any of the ceremonies or turn them on. I didn't hear anyone talking about it there yesterday or today. I'm not aware of many students there who would admit to voting for Obama even now.

An attempt to start a conversation about it yesterday with a small circle of friends fell flat. Most of them didn't watch because they were working. Most simply complained that it was the only thing on TV yesterday. They were put off by the (erroneously?) reported $150 million cost of the whole thing and weren't real excited about Obama.

My favorite part of the administration thus far is the fact that Obama has put a White House Blog in place in an effort toward greater transparency. (HT: Sok)


Jessica said...

I didn't vote for Obama, but he's my president now. That's the beauty of democracy!

I watched the inauguration coverage from 7 AM til about 9 PM (taking breaks to complete the activities of my day, of course). I'm a sucker for the pageantry and tradition -- I love that kind of stuff!

But I mostly love the peaceful transfer of power that is so rare outside the US. Those moments where Bush and Obama shake hands, Obama is sworn in, and then they walk away together and the Obamas wave farewell as the Bushes climb into the helicopter.

Both men put aside their differences and pride for the good of the country. That is when I am most proud to be an American.

Matt McKee said...

I watched it with Jessica.