Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Still Boycotting MLB

I've been boycotting Major League Baseball for years. I don't watch the games, buy the memorabilia, or even click on links to MLB articles because I don't want my clicking to generate revenue for the sport in any way.

A friend recently sent me an article on Commissioner Bud Selig's salary and how he makes more than all but a very small number of players. I don't want him getting my money.

I got an email today from a long-time lover of MLB and apologist for the sport in general:

So, about a month ago I decided to swear off MLB baseball. The A-Rod situation reinforces that decision. The sad thing is that I still think that MLB is still the most honorable of the 3 major pro sports.

Here are my beefs:
1. The money has gotten out of hand. Crap players get paid 2-3 million per year. The 180 million/8 yr Texiera deal is just ridiculous.
2. Small market teams like Cincinnati generally can't compete. They may sneak up one year out of 20 to do something great, but, in general, being a fan of a small market team just creates frustration in your life.
3. Performance-enhancing drugs and the liars that use them. Enough said.

I personally feel that supporting baseball is morally equivalent to supporting pornography, casinos & state lottery, tobacco, and Planned Parenthood. The only way to bring about reform is to stop giving them your money.

To support MLB you have to check your brains at the door, turn a blind eye, not care about any of the true records, and the list goes on.

Feel free to jump on the boycott bandwagon.

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Mathew said...

Please feel free to join our boycott!!