Friday, March 27, 2009

My next 2 cents on firing Billy Gillispie-- FAIL

CBS' Gregg Doyel nails it in this piece. (HT: Matt Jones)
I'm hearing that Gillispie's quote -- being an ambassador for UK "wasn't on the job description" for the UK coach -- made its way to the school president. And when it got there, Gillispie was finished...

Regardless of how he handled himself away from his job, Gillispie had burned bridges all over the place with his brusque manner. He was Rick Majerus, minus the fat jokes, ripping into school radio hosts and national sideline reporters and athletic department employees and even fans who called his weekly show. Many of his players, even players he recruited to Kentucky, detested him.

Understand, you can be a jerk and keep your job as a college basketball coach as long as you win at the right level...

Of course, the skeletons are coming out of the closet now. Gillispie did bad things to the players, etc. etc.

But, overall I'm just embarrassed for the university and its poor handling of this situation. Digger Phelps is right (pains me to write that)-- whoever screened Gillispie should be fired. The "screening committee", the search committee, and the hiring committee were all one guy-- Mitch Barnhart. He wanted it that way, and UK reaped the consequences.

With Meeks and Patterson (apparently?) publicly saying they're returning, will Kentucky be awesome next year? Maybe. Or maybe this whole thing will insure that it will be many more years before UK returns to the Final 4.

Either way, the whole thing stinks. My love for college athletics has definitely diminished in the past couple years.

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