Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"All I hear is 'blah blah blah'..."

I sing this YouTube clip a lot. It's called "Hey Paul Krugman," it's by a guy who writes and uploads a song a day. (Warning, one vulgar word in the clip). I don't agree with what it says about Dr. Krugman (I don't want him in the administration) but I totally agree with what it says about Timothy Geithner. And I love the part at 1:24. You should watch this clip at least once.

I was listening to it thinking about seeing Geithner talk nonsense in his Congressional oversight hearing today. I checked Krugman's blog, and he's again making Geithner look foolish:

"What Geithner said, then, was true but useless. If anything, his wording was cause for concern: Treasury knows the difference between raw numbers of banks and asset holdings, even if the press seemed to miss the distinction, and if he’d meant to say that the vast majority of assets are held by sound banks, he would have."
The IMF knows that we're hosed. Why can't we get straight talk from Geithner about it?

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