Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Coach Calipari

Well, I was wrong. It's been an entertaining few days, anyway. What I'll remember about the Calipari search-and-hire days:

  • The live video feed from outside his empty office.
  • The live video feed from outside his house.
  • His daughters being hilarious on Facebook about it, posting links to the live feeds and joining groups like "Coach Cal to UK," while befriending Jodie Meeks and others.
  • The Memphis media spying on Coach Cal at a donut shop.
  • Mark Story's article yesterday written as a concerned open letter to Lee Todd about Calipari's sketchy practices and players with criminal records. I agree with Story's concerns. Todd has answered by saying Calipari has passed all background checks and that Worldwide Wes "works for a lot of people."
  • John Clay's reminder that Calipari has never had an NCAA accusation against him.
  • The live video feed of Calipari in a UK booster's plane taking off from Memphis (Memphis television stations just love these live feeds, I guess).
  • The accolades from ESPN just days after everyone was dogging Kentucky.
  • Ryan finding some old emails I'd written about Calipari news stories a couple years ago.
Have we "sold our soul to the devil"? Maybe. Considering some of his top recruits could come with him, the deal sounds way too good to be true.

With signing bonus it comes out to $4.3 million/year. Considering UK is still on the hook for millions to Gillispie, which his lawyer will fight for, and we're in the middle of a recession where UK has been slashing its educational budget, it seems an unbelievably high price to pay. I need to re-examine my priorities.

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