Friday, April 10, 2009

Gem of India in Springfield, MO

We'd been patiently waiting several months for a chance to hit the lunch buffet at the Gem of India in Springfield today. It did not disappoint; it was awesome! I love Indian food, and I think this is the best Indian food I've had in the U.S., easily the best Indian buffet we've been to. If you're in the area you should definitely check it out.

I don't know the name of many Indian dishes, but their eggplant and spinach dishes were amazing. Their lamb curry and lamb fritters were great. The chicken masala was a bit tangy, but very tasty. There was nothing extremely hot on the buffet, but you can order hot (ie: very spicy) dishes off the menu.

It's worth the drive just for the mango pudding and the chai. The chai is on the buffet, so that's like an added bonus that I've not seen other places.

I give the Gem of India 5 stars.

One oddity about it, all of the ethnic-looking people I saw eating there were accompanied by Americans. From what I overheard, a lot of former missionaries frequent the place with Indian friends. There were some at a table next to us.

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