Thursday, April 23, 2009

I hate Twitter (Part 2)

At the advice of my brother-in-law, I'm going to install TweetDeck. I'm not sure how having my Tweet feeds more organized will make them easier or more useful to read. I will still have dozens of tweets to read. Clutter is a problem. My blog feed reader has 150 feeds in about 20 categories and I have 5,500 unread posts right now. I imagine with Twitter it will be something like 20 feeds but 20,000 unread tweets.

But I digress... I hate Twitter because every time someone posts a link to something, it's not a true URL but rather a Twitter-modified one (the thing). Clicking on any of them angers the firewall at my workplace. It thinks I'm trying to use a proxy server to get around the firewall and look at obscene content. Therefore, I cannot look at anything anyone links to, and those tweets are useless.


Matt McKee said...

Here is a great resource for you so that you can stop the hate.

JDTapp said...

Firewall at work also won't let me install TweetDeck. This is in part the school's fault, they disable a lot of java and flash stuff that annoys me frequently.